TC L3 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary

TC L3 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary    補充單字    Jess Lin         P.1

HP.2: 1. colleague, coworker, business associate, fellow worker, workmate, partner, companion, buddy, pal  2. refreshments, snack, bite, beverage          3. banquet, luncheon, reception, feast  4. work, job, occupation, profession, vocation, position, post, vacancy, job opening  5. What’s your father like?—appearance + character  What does your father look like? –appearance  What does your father like doing? –interests  6. raise, rise, Prices are rising rapidly. We’ll have to raise our fees.  7. take a day off, take personal/sick/maternity, compassionate/annual leave, call in sick

HP.7-9, Q11-40: 1. charge/recharge battery, low battery, the battery is dead/flat  2. brand-new, second-hand, used  3. personal property, personal possessions, personal belongings  4. classified advertising, job advertisement, brochure, booklet, pamphlet, flyer, poster, billboard, junk mail, spam 5. make an offer, accept/take up an offer, turn down/refuse/decline an offer,       I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse. Do as I say, or I’ll kill you.,         Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.  6. appoint, select, pick, choose, nominate, assign somebody a task/role  7. relocate, be located in, location     8. sales/unemployment figures, the number of cars, statistics show that…, death toll, She has a good figure, a seven-figure salary, a six-digit salary     9. round-trip flight, return/single ticket  10. apply for a grant/scholarship  11. submit a proposal/an assignment/an application/a report 12. household equipment/appliance, electrical appliance, device, tool, apparatus, gadget

TC L3 Listening Part 2 Vocabulary    補充單字    Jess Lin         P.2

AP.4-5, Preview Test: 1. gymnasium, gym, fitness center, stadium, auditorium  2. project, plan, proposal  3. hand luggage, carry-on bag, baggage, briefcase, suitcase, laptop bag, backpack, luggage tag, toiletry kit, toiletries, carousel, baggage claim/reclaim  4. put off, postpone, procrastinate, defer, delay, cancel  5. layover, stopover, via  6. give someone a ride/lift, pick someone up

AP. 7-8, Ex 2.6: 1. merger, merge  2. take place, happen  3. break down, down, broken, out of order, out of work, on the blink, isn’t working, stopped working, there is something wrong with.., malfunction, repair, fix, maintenance  4. channel, station, network, the mass media

AP. 10, Ex 2.10: 1. starving, freezing, exhausted  2. on display, show, exhibit, exhibition, exposition, flora expo, liquid crystal display  3. first prize, gold, silver, bronze, medal, award, trophy, receive/win/accept an award

AP. 11-12, Review Test: 1.bowl, plate, dish, fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, cup, saucer, glass, mug, jug, pitcher  2. find, found, lost & found, finding, look for, found, founding father, raise funds, funding  3. concourse, hall, terminal  4. helping, serving, portion  5. abroad, overseas, foreign, foreigner, expatriate, expat  6. inventory, stock, take inventory, out of stock, in stock


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